Dental surgery

Surgical dentistry is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity by surgery. Dental surgery includes the treatment operation for the conservation of teeth, bone grafting, preparation and implantation. It requires special skills, knowledge and qualifications.

Nowadays, dental surgery is aimed at maximum preservation of teeth. Various types of root resection, installation of barrier membranes, plastic oral mucosa and other operational activities which are carried out by our specialists are closely linked to medical actions of other branches of dentistry. Nowadays the function of the dental surgeon is not limited by removal of teeth.

Using modern surgical tools and materials protects from infections, thus the possibility of postoperative complications are minimized. All operations are carried out with the use of effective pain medication. After the operation dentist prescribes an effective set of measures which promotes the most rapid healing and tissue repair.

Пластика уздечки губы
Operation of lip frenulum is a surgery to eliminate short strands traumatic mucosal provoke gum recession ("Naked roots") and dystopia (turn) teeth...
Удаление экзостозов
Exostosis is bony prominence ("nodules") on the jaw bones, which is a feature of the human individual or a consequence of the complex tooth...
Резекция корня зуба
Resection of the tooth root is a surgical method of removing pockets of inflammation and infection, together with a part of the tooth root to...
Удаление зубов
“Orisprofi” provides a full range of services for the removal of teeth: Painless tooth extraction (with anesthesia); Removal of wisdom...


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