Удаление зубов

“Orisprofi” provides a full range of services for the removal of teeth:

  • Painless tooth extraction (with anesthesia);
  • Removal of wisdom teeth;
  • Removal of impacted teeth;
  • Removal of teeth of any complexity.

Before the tooth removal our dentists conduct a thorough examination of the patient's tooth and if there is a chance to preserve the tooth, the dentists will make every effort to prevent its removal. But tooth decay is not always the cause of extraction, there are a number of medical and other indications for tooth extraction.

Indications for removal of teeth:

  • diseases and aggravation of teeth diseases;
  • if the wisdom tooth disturbs the normal life and food intake, scratches the inner surface of the cheeks or damages tooth next to it;
  • a tumor and a broken jaw;
  • the tooth which deforms the whole dentition;
  • the tooth is not subject to rehabilitation or prosthetics;
  • the tooth interferes installation of the tooth crown or another type of prosthesis.

Tooth extraction is recommended only in severe cases when its presence can harm health or other healthy teeth, does not let to treat or prevent the cause of the disease. But often the reason for tooth removal is a negligent attitude to the health and delayed treatment, and it leads to serious complications of the disease.

It is also worth knowing that there are cases when the removal of teeth is not recommended. These include the removal of teeth during exacerbation of chronic heart and mental diseases, acute infectious diseases and pregnancy. In this case, it’s better to wait till the end of treatment or time suitable for tooth extraction.

How is the removal of a tooth?

In “Orisprofi” the extraction procedure is performed with local anesthesia. The procedure takes only a few minutes and the dentist uses the special classical or surgical instruments in order to minimize the discomfort of the patient. After removal of the tooth the dentist will tell you what is recommended for a quick healing process and what is not recommended to avoid negative consequences.


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