Operation of lip frenulum

Пластика уздечки губы

Operation of lip frenulum is a surgery to eliminate short strands traumatic mucosal provoke gum recession ("Naked roots") and dystopia (turn) teeth.

The most common abnormality is a low attachment of the frenulum to the upper lip. Low attachment of the frenulum to the upper or lower lip may cause the following complications:

  • Limitation of baby’s suckling function;
  • Incorrect formation of a child's speech;
  • Improper child’s chewing function;
  • Appearance of diastema - the gap between the upper central teeth;
  • Appearance of the gingival ‘pocket’ and as a result, plaque and inflammation of the gums;
  • The gradual development of the instability of the teeth.

It should be remembered that the indications for surgery are defined by a dental surgeon and other specialists - neonatologist, speech therapist, orthodontist, parodontis. But most of the operations are conducted with the prescription of orthodontists and parodontis, since the presence of frenulum can lead to a large number of negative consequences for periodontal and dental malocclusion. And if the surgeon wouldn’t be taken in time, it may turn out much more expensive and prolonged treatment in the future.


The entire operation of the plastic lip frenulum lasts no more than 30 minutes under local anesthesia. After the operation on the ground remain bridle sutures that dissolve on their own after a while. Healing time after surgery is about 10 days, in the first days after the plastics are possible swelling and soreness. On the data between the dentist will prescribe drugs that reduce pain and reduces swelling. Also important, even mandatory home care: antiseptic, antibacterial and wound healing applications of the gel. And after 1-2 days will be required again to see a doctor to monitor the healing process.

Also, often after plastic frenulum of the upper lip to the patient for a while to get used to the freer movement of language, his diction is almost immediately noticeable changes for the better.

Dentists Orisprofi plastic bridle hold the upper and lower lip as in adults and in children. If surgery is needed with guaranteed quality and minimal chances of postoperative complications, you can feel free to contact our dentists.


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