Resection of the tooth root

Резекция корня зуба

Resection of the tooth root is a surgical method of removing pockets of inflammation and infection, together with a part of the tooth root to preserve the functions of the tooth. The operation takes about half an hour, it all depends on the location of the tooth. The front teeth, which are exposed to more and infectious and inflammatory processes, can be treated.

The professionalism of our dentists allows to minimize possible complications during the postoperative rehabilitation. They also tell you about the process of rehabilitation and see carefully that you implement the recommendations during the period of the restoration of the tooth.

Indications for resection of the tooth root

In some cases, the dentist copes with inflammation using conservative methods without surgical intervention. For it special drugs that eliminate the infectious process and reduce inflammation are injected in the root canal or directly into the cyst. Such treatment occupies a few months and requires regular visits to the dentist. However, there are indications to have surgery:

  • periodontitis in a state of aggravation;
  • granuloma;
  • cyst;
  • poor quality canal filling;
  • curvature of the root canal or root apex;
  • perforation of the root;
  • fracture of the root and its top.


Despite the fact that the procedure is called the operation, its main objective is to reduce inflammation in the tissues. However, the inflamed part of the root must be removed. After the operation it is better to refrain from physical labor for the day. Food and water are allowed only after 2-3 hours after surgery.

After surgery it’s better not to take too hot or cold food and liquid, salty, spicy and sweet food during the first few days. Besides, toothpastes and rinses should be as non-aggressive. You should rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine or a decoction of herbs room temperature to prevent inflammatory and purulent processes.

After this procedure it is recommended for three months not to chew using this area where the surgery was performed. Do not forget every three months to do an x-ray of the area and visit the surgeon. As a rule, a year after the operation the shadow of the cyst and the possibility of complications disappear. So after a year you can be sure that the operation was successful.

Contraindications for resection of the tooth root

  • severe destruction of the tooth crown;
  • tooth mobility grade of II and III;
  • acute inflammatory process in the periodontitis;
  • acute infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases in the acute stage.

After the resection the tooth remains fully functional qualities, so that it could be used as a prop in prosthetics. That's the main attraction of such an operation - tooth will last as long and efficiently as before.


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