Orthodontic dentistry

Orthodontic dentistry deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of abnormal bite and deformations of dentition. Crooked teeth, malocclusion, abnormal development of the jaws is the problem, forcing many people to hesitate an open smile. But not only the desire to have a beautiful smile should make you go to the orthodontist. Even minor malformations or deformations of the teeth and jaws lead to incorrect load distribution during chewing. In addition, poor positioning of the teeth makes it difficult to conduct high-quality oral health, causing tooth decay.

If you left untreated dental system anomalies, they can lead to multiple tooth decay and periodontal disease and in the future the complete destruction and tooth loss. Correction of bite will relieve you from the problems in the future: you rarely need to visit the doctor's office for treatment and possible prosthetics.

Orthodontists in “Orisprofi” provide a range of services at the perfect level. Our specialists regularly improve their skills, receive training and share experiences with colleagues from leading specialized institutions of our country.

Исправление прикуса пластинками
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Исправление прикуса без брекетов
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Установка брекет-систем
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