Bite correction with plates

Исправление прикуса пластинками

Every parent has to remember that the treatment of malocclusion at an early age allows to achieve maximum effect. And there are all the opportunities offered by the development of orthodontics. It is necessary to strictly observe all the dentist’s recommendations, carefully take care of the oral cavity and visit the dentist regularly.

Plates are a relatively cheap form of treatment of malocclusion without braces. Basically they are for children under 12 years old, whose bite is in the formative stages. It is hypoallergenic devices. They effectively cope with any problem, but drawback is necessity to wear them all the time. The design of the plates includes the base, the arc and clasps.

Records exist only for a canine clasps and fastened on each tooth. There are devices intended for one jaw and The Multi. These designs may provide additional elements (bumpers or special spring) purposeful action.

Advantages of plates for bite correction:

  • The plate can be removed sometimes. This is a big plus, because the teeth and jaw should "rest", as well as eating and brushing your teeth without the presence of the plate will be much more comfortable.
  • It is easy to care for the plates. Care does not require special skills or much time. They need to be cleaned with ordinary toothbrush with toothpaste, and stored in a hard carrying case, to avoid mechanical action and subsequent breakdowns.
  • The price of the plate is not as high as the price of braces.

We can provide a consultation of the orthodontist who will prescribe the correct treatment of malocclusion. The orthodontist will determine the period of wearing the plates and the frequency of their use.


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