Bite correction without braces

Исправление прикуса без брекетов

“Orisprofi” offers bite correction without braces using the various hardware methods, more aesthetic and less costly in financial terms. But it is worth considering that bite correction without braces may not be for everyone. Basically, these methods of bite correction are applied for the treatment of children at an early age, when the anomaly is detected at the stage of primary teeth.

  • Treatment of any defects and anomalies in childhood.
  • Preventing of various types of children malocclusion.
  • Minor defects of adult occlusion.
  • When using the trainer normal nasal breathing and swallowing function returns, some speech defects and bad habits are eliminated.

Bite correction with trainers

One of the methods of malocclusion treatment at an early age is the use of trainers. Orthodontic trainer looks like kappa, which fits over both rows of teeth and allows the teeth to take the correct position. Trainers are produced from high quality silicone.

The optimum age for orthodontic treatment with trainers is from six to ten years. At this age the maximum effect (90%) can be got.

Orthodontic trainer helps to cope with the following diseases:

  • malocclusion;
  • speech problems;
  • problems with nasal breathing;
  • difficulty with swallowing;
  • changed position of the lower jaw.

Varieties of orthodontic trainers

Basic trainer is blue, soft and flexible, it allows the patient to quickly adapt to it. Orthodontic trainer of this type can be used in virtually all types of dental anomalies. It is recommended to wear at night and at least one hour during the day. It is suitable for six to eight months.

The final trainer is pink, a bit harder and denser. It acts on the principle of orthodontic arch. This trainer is recommended from six months to a year.

Advantages of trainers

  • Trainers have a mild impact, does not violate the physiology. Therefore, children easily get used to them.
  • They should not be worn all times, in order to achieve the desired effect it is enough to use the trainers just one hour a day. Therefore, children are rarely capricious when wearing them.
  • To choose the trainer, it is not required to do the cast.
  • They are absolutely harmless to the tooth enamel. They are easy to care for.
  • Treatment with orthodontic trainers will cost 5-7 times cheaper than braces systems.

The only drawback to the use of orthodontic trainers is the fact that when they are in the mouth, talking is strictly forbidden. For this reason, it is recommended to wear them at night.

How to care for orthodontic trainer

The whole process of care for the trainer includes a daily cleaning with toothpaste and rinsing under running water, which is enough to provide hygienically clean design. It is recommended to store trainer in a special container.


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