Installation of bracket systems

Установка брекет-систем

Installation of bracket of systems is one of the most popular services. Great experience in treating various defects of the dentition, the use of modern orthodontic appliances, a wide range of products and reasonable price of bracket systems allow patients to obtain excellent results at an affordable price.

Braces are special orthodontic construction, which allows to correct even the most complex anomalies of the dentition without surgery. They are a system of locks and fasteners attached to the orthodontic arc. The arc is made of special material with memory effect: it always tends to assume its original shape - the shape of the right dentition. The arc continually exerts pressure on the teeth, causing them to move.

Bracket system eliminates many of dental anomalies:

  • to correct bite;
  • to correct the displacement of the central line of the teeth;
  • to withdraw unerupted teeth in the dentition.

In addition to aesthetic improvements correct bite helps to improve the quality of dental hygiene, which reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Design of bracket systems:

By construction brackets are:

  • ligature: they have a groove where the arc is placed, and special wings that are needed to fix the arc in the groove by means of elastic ligatures.
  • self-ligating: arc is fixed in the groove of the bracket with a special clip latch, it provides the following benefits of braces:
    • braces are tiny and do not have hooks that shortens the adaptation period and facilitates oral care;
    • use of the weak force can reduce the pain when wearing braces;
    • visit the orthodontist is possible once in 2 months.

By location in the mouth braces are:

  • The outer (vestibular) braces, which are mounted on the outside of the teeth. Their advantage is the lowest cost and lack of physical discomfort, rapid adaptation to the healing process. The disadvantage of external braces is that they are visible to others in conversation;
  • The internal (lingual) braces - "invisible" braces, which are inside of the teeth. They are not visible to others. However, treatment of internal braces creates discomfort for the language and often provokes speech defects.

The outer (vestibular) braces, depending on the used materials, are:

  • Metal Braces are the most common type of orthodontic and proven design. Metal braces are interesting due to the availability, although their aesthetic is far from perfect.
  • Sapphire braces: virtually invisible to others, easy to use and do not cause defects of diction.
  • Colored braces are made of different color materials, better for kids as it is much easier to perceive the treatment, if it is connected with something colorful, fun and unusual.
  • Ceramic braces have a milky color, similar to color and transparency of the natural enamel of the teeth.

Diagnosis and choice of braces system for treatment

Before installing braces it is conducted a full and detailed diagnosis of the dentition and the jaw, based on a detailed study of the plaster casts, and panoramic X-ray images.

On the basis of these data, the orthodontist makes a plan of orthodontic treatment. Braces system is dependent on the wishes of the patient.

Treatment with bracket systems

The braces are fixed to the surface of the tooth with a special adhesive. Then a high-arc is installed, which puts pressure on the teeth, trying to return to its original shape and correcting position of the teeth.

The treatment process requires regular visits to a specialist. Depending on treatment the frequency of visits can vary from twice a month to once every few months. During the visit, the doctor inspects and corrects braces system - tightens the fastening arc or sets a new arc.

Wearing braces is absolutely safe for dental treatment, if you follow strict doctor's orders and do oral hygiene procedures. The average duration of wearing braces composes of one to one and a half year, depending on the difficulty of the correction of the dentition. In some cases, this process can go on longer terms.

After the removal of braces special retention plate is made to save the achieved results and to prevent the return of malocclusion, the term of wearing is defined by a specialist.


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