Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry is a complex of dental procedures associated with dentures to restore the integrity of the dentition. Our highly qualified dentists use modern technologies of prosthetic dentistry to restore the lost teeth in accordance with the natural aesthetics and the most careful attitude to the healthy tissues.

Modern prosthetic dentistry considers any disease only in connection with the health of the whole body, because the processes that occur in the mouth are linked to the health of the patient. Why is it important to restore the teeth:

  • При отсутствии зуба остальные начинают перемещаться, соседние зубы и зубы-антагонисты сдвигаются в сторону утраченного зуба, зубной ряд деформируется, образуются щели, нарушается прикус;
  • the other teeth begin to move, dentition is deformed, cracks and improper bite are formed;
  • the remaining teeth are exposed to high load, there is possible destruction of the enamel in the gingival area;
  • food is less chewed, this leads to problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
Циркониевые коронки
Dental crowns based on zirconium dioxide are widely used and considered to be the most effective method of prosthetics. The color is close to...
Протезирование на имплантатах
When dentures on implants, artificial teeth are attached to titanium pins in the bone implanted. Thus, not only the defect dentition is closed, but...
The metal-ceramic prosthesis is a popular means of restoring the damaged tooth, and metal crowns are considered the most advanced. Today, metal-...
Бюгельные протезы на замках
Clasp denture is one of the most accurate, convenient and advanced techniques of the removable prosthesis, which is widely used in modern dentistry...
Протезы литьевого прессования
For one of the new technologies of manufacturing dentures method is molded pressing. It is the basis of this method - the use of plastics that are...
Нейлоновые протезы
Nylon prosthesis is a thin sheet of nylon-containing material with artificial teeth. Installation of nylon prosthesis requires no turning the...
Акриловые протезы
Acrylic dentures are acceptable and common type of removable dental structures to restore the integrity of the dentition. They are made almost...


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