Acrylic dentures

Акриловые протезы

Acrylic dentures are acceptable and common type of removable dental structures to restore the integrity of the dentition. They are made almost entirely of acrylic plastic. Acrylic dentures are used to restore complete dentition or one and more teeth.

With full dentures from acrylic plastic is based only on the gum. Moreover, its fixation is due to the effect of suction. When properly prosthesis, when fixing between design and mucous Generates negative space, whereby suction occurs. As a result, the prosthesis is held securely in the oral cavity.

Tooth design for partial prosthesis fitted with clasps, thanks to which they are securely fastened to the abutment teeth. If a patient is missing one or two teeth in a row, and he does not want to implant implants or grind their teeth under dentures, the alternative may be removable acrylic design.

Advantages of acrylic prosthesis:

  • the process of manufacturing and fitting dentures is simple and does not take much time;
  • they are easy to care;
  • ability to choose different sizes, shapes and colors;
  • correct distribution of load on the surface of the chewing gum;
  • acceptable price.

Disadvantages of acrylic dentures:

  • it is possible to injury the gum tissue due to physical exertion.
  • destruction of healthy enamel.
  • acrylic prosthesis give out methyl methacrylate, which has toxic effects in high doses and causes an allergic reaction.
  • acrylic denture has a porous structure that promotes microbial contamination of the prosthesis.
  • poor hygienic care may cause inflammatory processes in the mouth.

Care and use of removable acrylic prostheses:

  • In the first days after the installation of the prosthesis it is not recommended to extract before sleep.
  • Before going to bed structure must be removed and then stored in a special hygiene disinfectant.
  • Hygienic care should be at least twice a day and after each meal you should rinse your mouth.
  • Limit intake of rough, tough, very hard food that can cause damage to the prosthesis.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional examinations and for the presence of defects on the denture.

The duration of the use of removable acrylic dentures with regular care and changes in jaw bones may be 5 years. However, the lifetime may vary depending on the speed of atrophic changes jawbone.


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