Clasp dentures with locks

Бюгельные протезы на замках

Clasp denture is one of the most accurate, convenient and advanced techniques of the removable prosthesis, which is widely used in modern dentistry. Clasp prosthesis consists of a plastic base, artificial teeth, interconnected metal arc having locking members such as lock and the crown. With such prosthesis the problem as partial or multiple loss of teeth can be solved.

Locks on the clasp prostheses are used for more secure fit of the prosthetic design.

A feature of partial denture is its ability to evenly distribute the load between the chewing gums and mucous membrane remaining teeth. Due to such properties of clasp dentures significant advantages appear over laminar dentures.

Benefits of clasp dentures:

  • Minimum time to adapt to the partial denture;
  • Small size of denture;
  • The durability of the prosthesis due to a strong skeleton;
  • They don’t reduce taste, temperature and tactile sensations, and don’t impact on the articulation and diction;
  • Excellent aesthetic qualities;
  • Easy everyday hygiene of the prosthesis;
  • Strengthening of the remaining teeth into one solid system.

Disadvantages of clasp dentures:

The disadvantages of the clasp prostheses include a higher price than the same acrylic because of the complexity of the manufacturing technology.

How to care of partial denture:

After each meal you should rinse with running water and brush twice a day with a toothbrush to delete plaque and food particles (in this case the use of abrasives is not recommended). It’s periodically necessary to clean the prosthesis with special solutions designed to care for removable structures. With proper care clasp prosthesis will last more than seven years - longer than acrylic prosthesis. The patient must visit the dentist regularly for inspection.

Manufactured in compliance with all technological norms clasp prosthesis is durable, comfortable and aesthetic. The design shall be held securely in the mouth and does not cause severe discomfort during the operation.


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