Metal-ceramic prosthesis


The metal-ceramic prosthesis is a popular means of restoring the damaged tooth, and metal crowns are considered the most advanced. Today, metal-ceramic crowns are the best compromise between aesthetics, reliability, and cost.

There is a molded frame inside the crown. This metal frame is coated with special ceramic made specifically for dental purposes. After applying the layer the structure is put in a special firing furnace at a temperature of 950 degrees.

This technique allows strengthening chemical bonding between ceramics and metal. In practice alloys of gold, palladium, platinum and other precious metals are often used. Gold has a high resistance to corrosion and long life. Such alloys don’t cause oral allergic reactions and don’t darken with time.

Advantages of metal-ceramic crowns:

  • Metal-ceramic crowns cope with its purpose better than natural teeth and do not cause sensation of having prosthetic teeth.
  • They did not differ from real teeth.
  • Due to the strength of the structure and materials of metal-ceramic crowns there is minimum probability of chips, cracks or other damage.
  • Metal-ceramic crowns are not subject to the effects of bacteria.
  • Correctly manufactured and sold high-quality metal-ceramic crowns do not cause any lesions in the gums.
  • Correctly installed metal-ceramic crowns do not change under the influence of food or other dyes.
  • Compared with non-metallic structures, metal-ceramic dentures are more affordable.

Metal-ceramic crowns can be used for 15 years with right basic rules of oral hygiene. In addition to these advantages, it is worth noting that the metal-ceramic crowns are considered to be one of the most appropriate options for installation on the implants.

How to care for metal-ceramic crowns:

Metal-ceramic crowns do not require special care. It is necessary to observe the basic rules of oral hygiene and protect the structure from mechanical damage. It’s not recommended to bite nuts or seeds with teeth. This can lead to cracking of enamel and a further stratification of metal-ceramic.


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