Molded pressing prostheses

Протезы литьевого прессования

For one of the new technologies of manufacturing dentures method is molded pressing. It is the basis of this method - the use of plastics that are not "cooked", but pressed at temperatures up to 220˚C and at a pressure up to 7 atm. Prostheses made by this method have better quality.

Advantages of dentures:

  • Increased biocompatibility, reducing the risk of irritation of the oral mucosa and allergic reactions;
  • Full compliance with the topography of the teeth and oral mucosa;
  • Simplicity and ease of practical use, because the smooth surface of the prosthesis prevents the deposition of plaque;
  • High durability of the prosthesis;
  • Improved aesthetics.

In addition, adaptation to prostheses is much faster, the cost is quite accessible, and dentures require little special care and a high degree of durability.


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