Prosthetics on implants

Протезирование на имплантатах

When dentures on implants, artificial teeth are attached to titanium pins in the bone implanted. Thus, not only the defect dentition is closed, but also its functions are completely recovered.

Implants are placed in 3 stages:

  • Installation of the implant. It occupies 40-60 minutes for one implant. The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. The healing period is about 3-4 months to six months for the lower and upper jaw.
  • Securing the abutment. The doctor exposes the implant and screws to it gingiva former. A few days later gingiva former is removed, and in its place the abutment is put.
  • Joining the denture to titanium roots. A crown or bridge is created and then is attached to the titanium roots. Dentures on implants look and feel like real teeth.

Depending on the amount of recoverable teeth prosthetic on implants can be removable and non-removable.

Non-removable prosthetics on implants

Non-removable prosthesis is used when there is small defect in dentition. In the absence of several teeth, the number of implants is calculated in the following way: for two or three teeth - two implants, the four - three implants, for more teeth - at least four implants. This principle ensures the reliability and durability.

Removable prosthetics on implants

Removable prosthetics on implants is used when the absence of teeth is minimal. The prosthetic implant is held by microlock, one half of it is installed in the prosthesis and the other is at the top of the implant. There are two types of data bindings:

  • button clamping, whereby the upper part is made of implants in the form of rounded heads and are in the prosthesis bottom recess into which come with some force and snap the head implant.
  • Trimmer mount. With this type of mounting implants interconnected metal beams serving for the most even distribution of load. Inside the prosthesis is equipped with a second part of the attachment, like a half pipe, which fits over the circular beam. Trimmer attachment allows you to restore full range of the missing tooth and provide a secure fit of the prosthesis.


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