Zirconium crowns

Циркониевые коронки

Dental crowns based on zirconium dioxide are widely used and considered to be the most effective method of prosthetics. The color is close to natural teeth. Material is safe and the body quickly adapts to the zirconium. Zirconium crowns are recommended for people who are allergic to metals. Also indisputable advantage of zirconium crowns is the fact that after prosthesis the color of the gums does not change.

Zirconium crowns today are recognized as the most advanced technology prosthetics. Zirconium crowns are much stronger than the metal-ceramic. It is very important that there is no opportunity to remove the nerve.

The manufacturing process involves preparing the impression, scanning, adaptation the crown by a computer program. Then the future crown is coated with ceramic layer, and then there is the most similar analogue of the tooth, strong and durable.

If you decide to install high-quality and reliable crown, zirconium crowns are perfectly suited! Dentists from “Orisprofi” use the technology of manufacturing and installation of crowns from zirconium.


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