Jewelry for teeth

Украшения для зубов

There are two types of jewelry for teeth: skyce and rhinestones.

Skyces are often made of rock crystal. The diameter is on the average between 1.8 and 2.5 millimeters. They can be made of other semi-precious or precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies.

Another type of jewelry, rhinestone, does not apply to semi-precious and precious stones, but it can contain gold.

Installation of decorations

The installation procedure is completely harmless and does not require polishing enamel. Before installing decorations, if necessary, professional tooth cleaning is carried out. The installation procedure lasts about 10-20 minutes. First, the tooth is treated with a special gel. Then, the bond (transparent adhesive) is applied to composite base, and the jewelry is fixed on the tooth. The surface of the tooth around the skyce or rhinestone is polished. Decoration will be on the tooth roughly 1-2 years.

Dental jewelry does not cause any discomfort and you don’t feel them in the mouth. They are absolutely flat and secure, which excludes accumulation of food and other discomfort.

Caring for such decoration is quite simple: you have to brush your teeth regularly and, if necessary, they can be polished every 2 months. If you desire, the decoration can be easy removed without damaging the enamel. After this procedure, the tooth enamel is treated with varnish and remains smooth and healthy.

Remember, decorations should not be placed on the thin enamel with caries. They are not fixed to the crown and artificial teeth. The doctor cannot guarantee that the decoration on this tooth will stay for a long time.


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