Removal of dental plaque

Removal of dental plaque

Almost all people have dental deposits, which form out of the water, mineral salts and micro-organisms of saliva. And even if you do thorough and regular cleaning of the teeth and remove food, plaque can accumulate in hard to reach places: fissures, interdental spaces, near the gum. Then dental tartar forms into a hard dental "stone".

Removal of solid dental tartar is produced by ultrasonic device. The procedure is absolutely painless and safe (if necessary the patient is carried out local anesthesia).

In “Orisprofi” you can use this procedure. When the dental plague is removed, the teeth become whiter and have their natural color. And our dentists provide quality and painless removal of dental plaque.

Brushing teeth with ultrasound

Brushing teeth with ultrasound is very effective and safe method of cleaning the teeth from plaque-resistant forms. Tools for removal of sediments have special grinding, which prevents damage to the tooth enamel. Professional cleaning is carried out in 3 stages:

  • Removal of dental plaque by ultrasonic skeler- the procedure is painless, does not injure and does not damage the tooth enamel. Ultrasonic skeler creates oscillatory motion thereby dental tartar is removed.
  • Polishing by abrasive paste is professional oral hygiene and care of the seals. Without this procedure, seals can change color and lose their mechanical strength.
  • After all these manipulations the teeth are covered with a protective substance (fluorine saturation of the teeth by special lacquers, gels, mouth rinses). This increases the resistance of tooth enamel and provides additional caries prevention.

After professional cleaning the teeth are clean and gums are pink. Oral care cures gums, stops bleeding when brushing teeth; the patient can forget about bad breath. Fluoridation of teeth reduces teeth sensitivity to cold, increases resistance to tooth decay.


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