Sealing of fissures

Sealing of fissures

In Orisprofi fissure sealing is conducted for adults and children.

Fissures are bumps and peculiar cracks on the chewing surface of teeth. It is extremely difficult to clean the groove from the plaque using a toothbrush, so bacteria which provoke caries accumulate and actively breed in the fissures. Further, the thickness of enamel in fissures is considerably smaller than enamel on the chewing hills.

Children’s teeth are particularly exposed to the rise and development of dental caries, so dentists recommend to carry out the procedure of fissure sealing for adults and children.

Sealing of fissure is filling the cracks on the tooth surface with sealant, special impermeable substance.

The process of fissure sealing includes:

  • cleaning tooth from plaque and the rest of the food;
  • drying the tooth surface with isolation from the saliva;
  • treatment of fissures with phosphoric acid;
  • washing the cracks of tooth with distilled water and filling with liquid sealants;
  • processing of sealant with light-curing lamp for curing;
  • removing excess of sealants and polishing the surface of the tooth.

Sealing fissures for children consists of the same steps as for the adults. Children agree happily to do this procedure, because it is completely painless and does not cause uncomfortable sensations. Sealant may be on the surface of the tooth several years, but it does not mean that you can forget about visiting the dentist.


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