Teeth fluoridation

Фторирование зубов

Fluoridation is necessary for the people with sensitive teeth - hyperesthesia, or with a predisposition to the development of caries. Fluorine enhances resistance of teeth to acid environment, and significantly reduces the metabolism of bacteria. Fluoridation can saturate the tooth enamel with fluoride ions; it significantly slows the formation of cavities and tooth decay. The whole procedure is completely painless, and it is often carried out to small children.

If there is insufficient quantity of fluoride in tooth enamel, our dentists will offer you a simple procedure of fluoridation to strengthen teeth and reduce sensitivity.

Fluoridation is simple and profound. Simple fluorination means using a special spoon, like a dental cast of wax, which is filled with a special fluorine-containing preparation. Then, this shape is applied to the surface of the teeth for 10-15 minutes. If necessary, the procedure is carried out several times, but no more than 15. Another way of simple fluorination is using special varnish which is brushed on the tooth surface. This procedure is performed in 3 - 4 sessions. These methods allow you to avoid deposition of calcium fluoride to tooth enamel.


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