Tooth Restoration

Реставрация зубов

Modern technology and recovery methods used in "Orisprofi" will allow you to have confidence in your smile quickly and permanently! You may need only one visit to have a new smile.

What is a dental restoration?

Restoration of teeth is a set of actions aimed at improving the appearance of teeth and smile. Situations that lead to restoration of teeth may be different:

  • caries on the most part of the tooth;
  • caries under a seal installed earlier;
  • chips and blackening of the teeth;
  • incorrect position of the tooth;
  • age abrasion;
  • other defects of the dentition.

The dentist uses only modern photopolymer filling materials, which is well polished and have the effect of chameleon. With modern materials and technologies we can:

  • correct the shape of the tooth and the whole dentition, lengthen or shorten, extend or narrow the tooth, change its thickness;
  • change the color of the tooth;
  • remove the gap between the teeth.

There are two kinds of teeth restoration:

  • direct restoration, when the process of recovery with the light-curing restorative material is held into the patient's mouth. This kind of work is carried out simultaneously.
  • indirect restoration, when firstly the cast of the patient's teeth is done, and then the recoverable part is made in dental laboratory.

The restoration may be delayed due to the common acute diseases, or if it’s necessary to use other methods of treatment and to counsel other professionals. There are no other contraindications for tooth restoration.


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