Tooth whitening

Белоснежная улыбка за 30 минут

Whitening is a procedure of changing the color of teeth by professional quality preparation based on hydrogen peroxide. Modern whitening system perfectly copes with the problem, allowing you to achieve significant and lasting bleaching effect. Specialists in “Orisprofi” have received special training and perfectly know various techniques of teeth whitening. Dental whitening systems used in “Orisprofi” are worldwide well proven.

Efficiency and quality of modern whitening systems are time-tested, and the proof to this is the lack of adverse effects on the teeth and gums after whitening. In some cases tooth sensitivity decreases and the density of the enamel increases after whitening. This is the result of fluorine, potassium and calcium, which are part of the whitening systems used also in our center.

There are several methods of teeth whitening, but there is no fundamental difference between them, except for the period and the cost of the procedure. For example, the clinical procedure may help to achieve the desired result in 1-3 visits while it may take up 3-4 weeks using the gel mouthguards. Specific methodology and terms of conduct depends on the state of your teeth and the desired result.

Only your own teeth are subject to whitening because fillings, veneers, ceramic crowns have a completely different structure, and whitening technology isn’t used for them. So if you decide to whiten your teeth, this procedure should be carried out prior to dental procedures.

Contraindications for tooth whitening

There is only one absolute contraindication for professional whitening - the presence of allergic reactions to hydrogen peroxide or other components of the whitening systems. If there is no allergy, the whitening procedure is carried out to everyone aged from 18 and till 18 years with parental agreement.


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