Treatment of canals

Treatment of canals

Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) is the main way to save the tooth at the stage of pulpit. Specialists in “Orisprofi” use advanced tools and equipment to solve the complex problems of endodontic.

Untreated tooth decay may eventually lead to inflammation of the pulp - pulpitis. This stage is characterized by sensitivity for temperature and variety of chemical substances. Pain can occur spontaneously without meals and at night. When the first symptoms of the disease occur you should see a specialist as quickly as possible - this will stop the inflammatory process and save the tooth!

Root canal treatment


At the first stage, the dentist diagnoses the state of tooth inflammation and does its thorough examination. Dentist opens and cleans the tooth cavity, examines the state of the tissues and determines the length of the channel to the apex. All actions are absolutely painless for the patient as modern and effective pain medications are used.

Then the channel is cleaned and disinfected by antiseptic preparation.

At the final stage the channel is filled by special plastic material which provides sealing without excessive pressure on the walls of the root. After the canal filling dentist holds a tooth restoration, restoring its functional and aesthetic properties.


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