Veneers are original lining or, as some say, petals on the tooth. Dentists call them microprosthesis. The thickness of the veneers is comparable with the thickness of the contact lens. Veneers are designed to emphasize the beauty of smile.

Therapeutic veneers are formed on the tooth of the patient. The structure of the therapeutic veneer includes ingredients similar to the filling material. If the area of chipped incisor is more than 50%, it’s necessary to use the therapeutic veneer. In other words, there is a gradual build-up of the tooth. Also, if necessary, the teeth are sharpened, then built up, grounded and polished.

Therapeutic veneers are used when there is a possibility to save the tooth. But the colors are very limited as the material from which veneers are produced is not too diverse. Dentist warns the patient about this, but as a rule, available colors are quite enough.


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